Galeria Carles Taché

Xavi Ceerre

Alcoy, 1988

Xavi Ceerre shows a genuine interest in the basic elements of the image and the genesis of plastic expression. In his works the boundaries between drawing and painting are blurred. The artist persists in the aesthetics of the marking, of the residue, of what is left behind. He extrapolates this event to his surroundings and establishes a relationship between public space, the notion of authorship and the act of erasure.

He lives in Barcelona but has worked in New York, Bilbao and Amsterdam. His work has been exhibited in spaces such as the Tecla Sala, the Het HEM, the Juan Manuel Lumbreras gallery or the Neuheisel Gallery. He has carried out artistic residencies in institutions such as Fabra i Coats, Bilbaoarte or Piramidón. His work is part of different public and private collections throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America.