Galeria Carles Tachť

Miguel √Āngel Campano

Madrid, 1948.
Miguel Angel Campano in his work blends Abstract Expressionism and the historical avantgardes, abstraction and figuration. Awarded the Premio Nacional de Artes Pl√°sticas in 1996, he is considered a major exponent of the renewal of Spanish painting in the 80's. His retrospective at the Palacio Vel√°zquez in 1999 confirmed his evolution as one of the most important figures in Spanish contemporary art.

Varadero, 2005
Oil on canvas
195 x 114 cm.

Oil on canvas
220 x 215 cm.

Peto, 2006
Oil on canvas
180 x 195 cm.

Oil on canvas
171 x 220 cm.

Orange Times, 2002-04
Oil on canvas
210 x 290 cm.