Galeria Carles Taché

Moisès Villèlia

Barcelona, 1928-1994
Villèlia was a constructor of floating forms in space and one of the major figures of the avant-garde movement which broke with Informalism to explore Conceptualism. In 1949 he exhibited his first carving in the Municipal Museum of Mataró and in 1954 he made his first solo exhibition in the Municipal Museum of Mataró. Then he completely abandons the figuration and founds the Art Actual group. Since then, his artistic career begins to be projected, he participates in the October Salons of 1956 and 1957 and enters the 49 Club with Joan Prats. Starting in the 1980s his sculptures began to feature ceramic elements, as well as what were known as teranyines [webbing], even though there is no question that Villèlia’s sculpture should be contemplated on the basis of his work with bamboo shoots. His sculptures intersect space, their shadows projecting the pieces themselves and making up part of them.
Galería Carles Taché has included his Homenaje a una borrachera de Lido in the exhibition Tribute to catalan contamporary art.