Galeria Carles Taché

Toni Llena

Barcelona, 1943
He started as a capuchin monk, until in 1966 he met the painters Antoni Tàpies and Albert Ràfols-Casamada, with whom he started a solid and long friendship. Alexandre Cirici publicly bet on his work. He came into contact with the group of painters integrated by Jordi Galí, Sílvia Gubern, Àngel Jové and Albert Porta and in 1969 he made with them Primera muerte, the first artistic video of the Spanish state. His first individual exhibition was that same year in the Petite Galerie de Lérida, where he exhibited, drawn on the wall of the room, the shadows of his paper sculptures. After performing a large number of works, many of which have disappeared, decided to renounce, for poetic radicalism, the artistic practice. He would do it again ten years later, in 1979, already in an uninterrupted way.
He has been a professor of artistic literature at the University of Gerona and has directed art workshops for the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Eina school in Barcelona. The MACBA conserves diverse pieces of Llena.
He has collaborated with the Galeria Carles Taché by lending his work Ésser mirat (2000) for the exhibition Tribute to catalan contamporary art.